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Research article Bacteriological evaluation of the non-struvite nephrolithiasis and its association with urinary tract infections Adrian MaierAdrian ManCălin ChibeleanTeodora CighirEnikő Nemes-NagyIoana MaierCiprian TodeaOliver VidaOrsolya Martha Abstract: Objective: To bacteria 1 urine the bacteriological features in non-struvite nephrolithiasis and in its associated urinary tract infection, and to establish the relationship between the two pathologies.

bacteria 1 urine

Bacteria 1 urine The non-struvite calculi from patients were aseptically extracted by percutaneous nephrolithotomy PNL. The midstream urine and calculi were bacteriologically and biochemically processed.

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There is a significant relation between the presence of colonized calculi and urinary tract infections, In The Enterobacteriaceae represented the most predominant bacteria both from calculi There were 3. Conclusions: In all the cases, the same bacterial species was found both in calculi and urine, and The resistance to the second generation cephalosporins is lower than in the case of other antibiotics, which makes them bacteria 1 urine most suitable for prophylaxis in PNL.

Keywords: nephrolithiasis, non-struvite calculi, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, phenotypic similarity, chemical composition Received: 1.

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